About Virendra Mhaiskar and IRB India

IRB has played a big role in building seamless connections around the nation. Today IRB ranks amongst the largest and the greatest in India. IRB has ever been up and prepared for the new challenges. It also lets you know how IRB will do in the coming months.

Roads are incredibly important to any nation’s states and cities. While good roads raise the economy and boost trade and connectivity. Apart from that, it has played an enormous role in developing and maintaining a number of the vital roads and highways in the nation, including the prestigious Golden Quadrilateral Project’.

Mhaiskar stated the business is on track to attain financial closure for all 3 HAM projects along with the sole toll-based project, within the next couple of months. In his journey of over 25 years in the street development sector, Virendra D Mhaiskar has achieved a good deal on the personal level also. As a consequence of the continuous increase and high quality of projects, Virendra D. Mhaiskar and IRB Infra went on to get a variety of awards.Click here to know more about Virendra Mhaiskar IRB Infrastructure

The business will aim to come up with a world class road to beef up connectivity, as they’ve done before. Under Mhaiskar’s leadership, it has achieved a difficult milestone of constructing 12,000 lane km across the country, after executing the first BOT project in the country. As a part of its corporate social responsibility, it ensures the welfare of underprivileged sections of the society and enables them to lead a life of dignity. Although it was incorporated as a leasing and financing company, it did not undertake any leasing business. Under his expertise, it has grown fast in the last few years. It looks in good stead to do well in the future. It’s the first organization to deliver a successful BOT project in the nation.

Since its inception in 1998, the organization has worked on several different projects on difficult terrains with wonderful success. It has been the recipient of multiple awards that define the quality of their work. This would enable the enterprise to commence construction activity and toll collection on those projects. It has completed several complex projects, and it’s the very first organization to have successfully completed the very first BOT project of the nation.

The government is going to have to bring in private players to fund the remaining part of the road construction activity charted out. It follows that the government will go back to the private sector to aid in the practice of road construction, development and maintenance. This sector can definitely anticipate good times ahead. Quite simply, a lot of the investment has arrived from the government. Now, we’d like to stay focused on developing and growing this portfolio in the street sector.

With numerous projects coming up and the building of excellent excellent roads, it’s certain that India is slowly moving towards being a country with the correct infrastructure readily available to its citizens. The Rs 175-crore project is anticipated to be completed in a couple of years. However, an individual can clearly understand the success of the project today. We’ll bid for the approaching TOT projects depending on the viability of the assets. Such a plan makes certain that the initial investment by the provider is accomplished in a sensible period of time. There’s already an identified plan so far as roads are involved.